How we helped Telefonica achieve 130k app downloads in under 6 weeks

Client stories | | 2 min read

When Telefonica released Tu Go in 2016 their objective was to enhance customers’ experience by allowing messaging and phone calls when the user had no connection to their cellular network. Now coined as ‘Wifi calling’, Tu Go allowed users to make calls and send texts via their wifi network.  

Unfortunately for Telefonica, they faced increased competition from the likes of WhatsApp, Skype, and Vibr, whose sole focus was quick, interruption-less communications. When Telefonica approached us they’d been using traditional media such as outdoor, press, radio & TV, with disappointing results.

The challenges ahead

Telefonica was describing Tu GO as ‘Wifi calling’ which missed out on the key benefits on offer, and so our first task was to redefine their value proposition. We set our sights on an aggressive acquisition framework, in which we’d run multiple tests that all led to users downloading the TU Go app.

The acquisition framework

We looked at the complete user journey focusing on each key user touch point. Once these were identified we developed a test & learn approach to optimisation.

At first, we concentrated on App Store optimisation. Using keyword research and A/B testing we were able to increase their conversation rate within this platform. Alongside web optimisation, ran by our CRO team, we also ran a series of customer comms focusing on the refurbished value proposition. Rather than focusing on one key element we identified the benefits and the pain points it addressed, these included:

Once we were comfortable with the user journey at these points we ran global Facebook ads, which included Telefonica’s most successful Facebook campaign to date in Brazil.

At the end of this cycle, using our learnings we put together a detailed business model containing a winning formula of the available opportunities and ideal strategies for Telefonica to keep and use for future campaigns.

The results

Not only did we achieve an incredible 130k app downloads in just 6 weeks, we also achieved Telefonica’s most successful Facebook campaign to date in Brazil – and all whilst using just 25% of the budget. Our approach to this entire project hadn’t been seen before by the Telefonica team, and through the course of the project, we helped them build growth teams around the world. In doing so, we began seeing a change of culture throughout Telefonica’s marketing teams, from a more traditional approach to one of testing & learning.