How intense experimentation achieved a 3.21x ROI

Client stories | | 2 min read

Not many people within the UK don’t know who Moonpig are. Trading since 2000, they’ve become the staple in customisable greetings cards, and have recently increased their offering into the flowers and gifts market.

When they came to us late last year, we were required to push users through to the website whilst achieving the lowest possible cost per sale (CPS), something our Acquisition team knew a thing or two about.

Growth hacking a rebrand

The Moonpig brand was prevalent within the UK market, with their catchy theme tune and pig mascot being recognised far and wide. However, prior to working with Moonpig, they had just been through a rebrand, getting rid of their famous colours and mascot, and replacing them with a soft pastel coloured brand.

This increased the challenge when it came to creating ads, as many users wouldn’t initially recognise the brand. However, by running multiple different campaigns, we were soon able to familiarise the audience with the new Moonpig colours and branding.

The testing phase

With Moonpig setting a benchmark CPS, we wasted no time in getting started and had our first live ads running within the first week. We knew in order to achieve the very best CPS we’d have to run a series of tests, and that’s exactly what we did.

Over the course of the project we ran 82 tests which consisted of:

  • 8 landing pages
  • 12 target audiences
  • 6 value propositions
  • 36 creatives

This allowed us to identify which variations of ads best performed with our targeted audiences. Surprisingly, ads which contained pictures of flowers had a higher conversion rate than those promoting customisable cards.


Once we had concluded all our tests, we reported back to the client with some results that certainly raised some eyebrows. The main objective was to achieve the lowest possible CPS. Our winning variation came in with a CPS that was 73% cheaper than the benchmark set by the client. As well as this, with the revenue achieved from the campaigns, we achieved a 3.21x return on advertising spend.