How we utilised a customer decision framework to launch Three Mobile’s new SIM-only brand

Client stories | | 2 min read

We work on a lot of different projects here at TrueUp, but we’re never customarily asked to launch a new brand. SMARTY, a new entrant into the SIM-only space, was facing stiff competition in a market where there was already a strong sense of inertia among consumers.

The challenges ahead

With this project involving a new brand, we couldn’t immediately kick off with a sales message. Their target audience wasn’t aware of SMARTY, and so we needed to get the brand out there before we expected people to commit to purchasing. We also had very little data on audience, and so we tested a large variety of target markets to identify the ideal consumer.

The consumer journey

We split our campaigns into four different stages, to get the right message and creatives in front of the user at various times throughout the decision journey.


The initial phase of the consumer journey was all about introducing the user to SMARTY. As a new brand we needed to make it clear what SMARTY was and the benefits available. We targeted affinity audiences on Google Display Network to reach those that had already shown an interest in purchasing new phones.

Given the fact, SMARTY was a new brand we ran a series of ads first introducing SMARTY which was shortly followed by a variety of segmented audiences with ads containing a range of value propositions.


As we proceed to roll out our awareness campaign, we begin with the familiarity phase where we continued with the promotion of SMARTY’s value propositions. It was at this phase we implemented AdRoll given its powerful re-targeting technology

Through the use of AdRoll, we were able to target and convert high intent audiences. Our messaging was consistently relevant while popularising SMARTY’s key benefits.

It was at this phase that we introduced the video, which we played on Facebook and subsequently Instagram. This 15-second video briefly presented and explained the benefits of SMARTY that were more difficult to convey within a static banner or carousel.


By utilising AdRoll, we had widely spread SMARTY’s value propositions across numerous target audiences. With this in mind, we ran AdWords campaigns targeting brand-related keywords, showing ads for people that were actively researching the SMARTY offering.


While we sourced a flurry of conversions at the point of the consideration campaign, we achieved a vast quantity of purchases during both the ‘awareness’ and ‘familiarity’ stage. Specific target audiences and creatives brought in excellent results,  but it was the video that performed best throughout the entire project.

The results

With SMARTY, we identified multiple aspects of the sales funnel that we needed to target to nail our acquisition strategy. We create a simple customer decision framework that allowed us to tailor our marketing communications to specific stages within this funnel. Alongside our test-and-iterate approach, we quickly identified the best performing metrics of each ad and continuously optimised.

This approach yielded some extraordinary results including a 216% increase in ad click-through rates and a 66% reduction in CPA’s. As a direct result, we have had a hugely positive impact on the launch of SMARTY, in which time we’ve delivered an ROI of 275% on marketing spend.