What Facebook’s new third-party regulation means for advertisers

Last month the news broke that Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics firm, accumulated a wealth of Facebook user data from tens of millions of people that were allegedly used in various political campaigns. Since this announcement, Facebook has received a backlash from people worried about the privacy of their data.

Facebook has since reacted to this backlash by announcing they will be cutting third-party data providers out of ad targeting to help take back control of their own data set.

The death of last click attribution

The average person uses three devices on a daily basis, browsing a multitude of different websites. While this has increased the opportunities available to marketers, it has made the analysing of marketing campaigns somewhat tricky. Google offers a helping hand with its attribution models, but none have been up to scratch until now – but more on that later.

Google’s new Ad Blocker and what it means for Marketers

On 15th February, Google Chrome will launch its new Ad Blocker, in the hope of creating a better experience for its users. Marketers and Advertisers alike are now pulling their hair out wondering how this will affect their campaigns and so we’re going to explain why Marketers should embrace this change.