The Objective

To drive app downloads of Telefonica’s wifi calling app TuGo to their Vivo customers in Brazil and create early momentum.

We had to achieve 130k new downloads in 6 weeks with a limited budget.

The challenge

Analysis of previous marketing activities and customer research revealed that users didn’t properly understand the benefits of ‘WiFi calling’.

However the benefits of wifi calling were numerous:

  • It means someone can make/receive important calls even when there is no reception
  • They can make calls on tablets, laptops etc, hand if you’ve forgotten your phone or run out of battery.
  • TuGo allows users to make calls when abroad for not extra cost, great for travellers.
  • Opportunity to use the phone on the underground in certain cities.

So a big challenge was which benefit to use in the ads? And how to bring it to life in a Facebook.


Having identified the entire universe of Vivo customers in Facebook, we then further segmented them into specific value propositions, benefits and use cases:

Some examples include:

  • Those who lived in poor reception areas – “Make interruption-free calls via internet”
  • People who often travelled abroad > “No roaming costs”
  • Users of competitor products > Keep your mobile number
  • Multiple device owners > Make calls across various devices


We created a detailed test plan to explore the TuGo opportunity for Vivo in Facebook.

This consisted of:

  • 600+ individual tests
  • 24 core segments
  • 10 primary messages
  • 32 different creatives

We executed over 600 individual tests in just over 2 weeks and explored various combinations


We achieved the target 130k downloads in the 6 weeks.

However the big news was that we spent just 26% of the target budget that had been based on previous Facebook activity and recommendations from Facebook.

The results helped TrueUp achieve infamy within Telefonica. 12+ months later, we are still asked how we achieved such results.