Moonpig is the UK’s biggest retailer of personalised cards and gifts. In 2007, they were responsible for 90% of the online greeting card market in the UK, and despite a rise in competition they continue to thrive at the top.


Having been bought in to advance their marketing capability through Facebook, TrueUp went through a huge testing period, running over 200 tests, and achieved a 3.21x return on marketing spend for Moonpig.

The Objective

Moonpig were looking to enhance their in-house marketing capability, and bought TrueUp on board to unlock Facebook as primary growth channel.

We were tasked with creating a Facebook growth framework that would produce both a lower CPS and a higher average order value. In addition to their cards, Moonpig were keen to promote the sale of flowers, chocolate and gifts.

Sharing the spotlight

Moonpig’s brief often detailed how they were keen to take some of the attention away from cards, and promote the likes of flowers, chocolate and gifts – the more expensive items on their site. Whilst they had a flurry of products that we could promote, Moonpig were known best for their customisable cards and customers weren’t spending much time browsing other options on the site.

Whilst we wanted to push the average cost of sale upwards, we knew we couldn’t ignore the cards, given the fact this drove most sales. So by testing a series of different creatives, we found advertising the likes flowers alongside a card led to up-sold sales.

Creating a growth framework

TrueUp created a Facebook growth framework for Moonpig that consisted of the following elements:

1. Audit of their analytics
This ensured all the tagging and tracking was in place to ensure appropriate attribution for all the campaigns.

2. A message framework
We created a message framework that explored different single minded ‘hooks’ for our ads to focus on. Examples included:
Focus on recipient and putting a smile on their face
Showing someone you care and taken time to personalise a card and gift
Questioning a sender’s choice of ‘meh’ (i.e. shop bought card) or ‘unique’ (i.e. a personalised Moonpig card)
Leading with products first v promoting card with an upsell.

3. Created a targeting framework

Used Facebook to create specific Moonpig segments. For example we included:

  • Previous customers
  • Look alikes
  • Fans of competitors
  • Fans of other personalised gift brands
  • Family types (young adults, parents, grandparents etc)
  • Upcoming anniversaries (birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc)

4. Created a series of Facebook creative assets
We created 36 different creative assets to be tested

5. Test framework
A test plan was then formed with a test matrix at its core. This allowed us to explore multiple combinations of
Target audience
Value propositions / message
Landing page

6. Process and tools
TrueUp then created a suite of processes and template tools for Moonpig to utilise. This included
A test matrix template Creative and copy review templates and process
Reporting templates.

Intense 6 week campaign

TrueUp then ran a 6 week campaign for Moonpig, using their existing Facebook account.

The intense 6 week campaign consisted of 200+ individual tests

And included:

  • 12 target audiences
  • 6 value propositions
  • 36 creatives
  • 8 landing pages

The results

We reduced the average cost per sale by 43%

We increased the average ROI on Facebook Ad spend by 43% resulting in an overall ROI of 3.21x marketing spend.

Having unlocked the opportunity for Moonpig, we equipped them with everything they would need to successfully run these similar campaigns themselves.