The objective

Launch Three Mobile’s new SIM-only brand, SMARTY.

Launching the brand

Three Mobile approached us to develop the strategy and execute performance marketing for their new SIM-only brand, SMARTY. Despite prior research being completed, we ran secondary research which helped us understand that:

  • Consumers don’t care who provides this service – No loyalty
  • Carriers aren’t trusted. Especially the bigger companies.
  • There is no experience (just a service) and no relationship (custom driven by price/value)
  • No real reason to switch – ‘good enough’ vs cost of switching

Given the fact SMARTY was brand new, it had no data, insights or tests running. This was a rare and exciting opportunity and so we wasted no time in getting started.

Intense testing

We began by targeting 27 different psychographic target groups alongside 7 key value propositions. In the initial phase we were running 500 experiments that were testing messaging, creatives, value proposition and audience.

In order to identify and test the messaging we completely unpacked the SMARTY offering and segmented all benefits into 6 different categories. We created 36 unique messages that informed the entire consumer decision journey.

The consumer decision journey

This consisted of 4 key stages:


Introduced the SMARTY offering and focused on the low cost and transparent benefits.


Once acquainted with the brand, we introduced the data discount value proposition – SMARTY’s USP. Early testing proved this messaging was misunderstood when viewed within a static creative, and so we created a short 15s video that clearly explained this offering. This video would prove to be the best performing creative of the entire project.


At the point when the user was deliberating a purchase, we activated Adword campaigns based on the best performing messaging at prior stages.


Throughout this journey we maintained a simple and distraction-free journey in order to make it easy to understand for users, whilst obtaining the best possible conversion rate.

The results

Three months into the project and we had successfully launched the SMARTY brand bringing a flurry of customers through the doors via our ads. During our experimentation phase, we were able to decrease Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by 30% in just 90 days. And through our learnings we saw conversion rate of ads increase by over 50%.

Our acquisition team continue work with them whilst we also also kick off work from a CRO standpoint as we look to enhance the performance of their website.